“A brilliant mind with an equally kind heart–a model of the new intellectual presence in the world.” — Dr. Laurie Mastrogianis

“Howard Rankin is the the leading lifestyle change expert.” —  Dr. Ahmed Kissebah, Medical College of Wisconsin.

“I would just like to say that Howard not only a brilliant and truly kind man. He is some one that is passionate about all he does. We have had many great conversations together. Some dealing with me leaving the world level competition on the US powerlifting team. It’s hard one day to go from mindset 150% of the time on training, learning not only strength your body but your mind. Then stop, what do you do with all that energy and competitive mindset. Well I can say this hold world titles for strength is nice but having world class mind to relate and help educate a man more about the next step. Well that is a strength only few are blessed to have. God bless you, Howard.”  Joshua M Jordan

“ His communication throughout the job and willingness to take feedback is topnotch. Fantastic guy to work with.” — Roger Elliott.

“Great job! I wouldn’t have been able to complete this without your guidance.” — Marcel Daane.

“Great job!”  — Barrett Murphy.

“Howard has been very insightful and helpful in his approach. I appreciated his flexibility and adherence to scheduling and direction changes.” – Rick Bevard.

“Delivered exactly on the terms that were agreed upon. It was a pleasure and total ease.”— Parham Consulting.

“Howard Rankin is a master communicator.” – Harold Watson