Having been both a psychologist and a coach, I can honestly say that I do not believe in the medicalization of everyday problems. Of course there are serious disorders with an underlying neurological basis but for the rest of us, a coaching model is far more appropriate. There’s no need to dwell into your relationship with your mother and assuming the victim role by being sick is nowhere near as helpful as addressing your life issues, devising a plan and following through with the support of your coach. But it’s a lot more than that.

Cognitive Coaching

The thought process is full of errors and biases and with a strong tendency towards an absurd simplicity. This not only impacts potentially every decision you make but also limits creativity and innovation at a personal and organizational level. Many professionals train their clients in what to think, I train them in how not to think. The fact is that thinking —  not the same as consciousness — is way overrated. There are many other important factors that contribute to your well-being, success and the total definition of You, some of which you have never considered.

The Mind-Body

The Mind-Body is an a amazing network in which small cells communicate in incredible ways to influence everything about you. Your body is your subconscious. This has led me to explore some miraculous stories of healing and what they tell us about the power within. This is explored in my radio show on my UK Health Radio Show The Miracle Within You.

Cognitive Neuroscience

What matters more than what you think, is how you think – or don’t think. We understand the different types of thinking human beings employ, how they justify almost anything they want and how that influences every sphere of human activity as captured in my book I Think Therefore I Am Wrong: A Guide to Bias, Political Correctness, Fake News and the Future of Mankind. This is key in all decisions and represents a new understanding of how we interact. And thinking is highly overrated — there is an amazing intelligence that really underpins who we are and we need to access it.


I have had to face up to the consequences of a poor choice and dealing with shame, humiliation, guilt and disgrace when my psychology license was revoked after I had a very brief consensual relationship with a former client. It was tough but the greatest journey of my life. In some ways we all need to go through that journey to find our center, our priorities and meaning.  My journey and what I believe it says about how to navigate the redemptive journey is captured in my book Falling to Grace: The Art and Science of Redemption (now available for pre-sale; release date 4/15/2022).  Whether you have committed a heinous sin, or  just think you have, I am here to help you navigate your way forward.


Communication is a fundamental skill, yet there is virtually no education or training about it. How you communicate with others determines how influential you are, how you communicate with yourself determines how successful you are. When I realized halfway into my psychology career that no-one had taught me anything about communication, which was a fundamental skill in my profession, I researched the topic and wrote  Power Talk: The Art of Effective Communication, now just released in a second edition. I am also soon launching a course on communication for professionals which you can check out below

You Can’t Do It Alone – but Am I the Right Guy?

Every critical journey in life requires a trained, qualified mentor who can guide and support you to your goals. Or an outstanding speaker or consultant who can inspire your organization by creating an amazing culture of empowerment, respect and authenticity.

I have walked the walk. I have made the lifestyle changes that I believe are key to health. I have walked the path of shame and disgrace and emerged stronger than ever.

I am an expert in behavior change and one well-known doctor called me “the leading lifestyle change expert.”

I have created tools for the behavior change process. I have been a consultant to the country’s largest weight loss support organization.

I have written, co-written or ghostwritten 50 books and 35 academic papers on health, neuroscience, wellness and behavior change. I even jointly won a “medical Oscar” for a documentary about obesity. I have written a bestseller on weight loss.

I collaborate with leading neurologists Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai in their Healthy Minds Initiative to bring brain health to individuals. families and communities. I conducted one of the first projects in the US Public school system using neurotechnology.

I have appeared on all the major US networks as well as the BBC, was featured on ABC’s ’20/20′ and was also a guest on ‘The View.”

There’s only one way to find out if we are a good match.

Next Steps…

E-mail me at [email protected] with your concerns and goals, so we can arrange a call.