Health Coaching

The key to optimal health is your behavior, especially the five key lifestyle habits, that can either significantly increase disease and mortality or lead you down the path to true health and, as a result, optimal function.

Brain Coaching

Just as the right lifestyles can improve physical health, they also have a major impact on brain function,  including the risk of cognitive decline.

Redemption Coaching

I have walked the path of disgrace, shame, o and guilt. I know that the redemptive path is the greatest challenge but also the greatest journey you will ever take. I know how to turn shame into shine.

Cognitive Coaching

The thought process is full of errors and biases and with a strong tendency towards an absurd simplicity. This not only impacts potentially every decision you make but also limits creativity and innovation at a personal and organizational level. Many professionals train their clients in what to think, I train them in how to think.

You Can’t Do It Alone – but Am I the Right Guy?

Every critical journey in life requires a trained, qualified mentor who can guide and support you to your goals.

I have walked the walk. I have made the lifestyle changes that I believe are key to health. I have walked the path of shame and disgrace and emerged stronger than ever.

I am an expert in behavior change and one well-known doctor called me “the leading lifestyle change expert.”

I have created tools for the behavior change process. I have been a consultant to the country’s largest weight loss support organization.

I have written, co-written or ghostwritten 50 books and 35 academic papers on health, neuroscience, wellness and behavior change. I even jointly won a “medical Oscar” for a documentary about obesity. I have written a bestseller on weight loss.

I collaborate with leading neurologists Drs Dean and Ayesha Sherzai in their Healthy Minds Initiative to bring brain health to individuals. families and communities. I conducted one of the first projects in the US Public school system using neurotechnology.

I have appeared on all the major US networks as well as the BBC, was featured on ABC’s ’20/20′ and was also a guest on ‘The View.”

There’s only one way to find out if we are a good match.

Next Steps…

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