Howard’s top twenty original quotes

If you don’t know what to believe, everything is a potential lie.

People aren’t logical they’re psychological with the emphasis on the psycho

Rankin’s theory of relatives states that when family comes to stay, space shortens and time lengthens.

Range is an anagram of anger. What’s your range of emotional control?

Assumptions are the malware of your mind

Gratitude isn’t about all the things that you see you have, it’s about all the things you can’t see that you have.

You have the choice to accept whether you have a choice.

Identity theft: Allowing outside forces to shape your thoughts and emotions.

Self-compassion isn’t about letting yourself off the hook, it’s about moderating the emotional tone that comes with accepting you’re not perfect.

Emotional regulation is like a tennis match between your heart and your mind. Do you have the balls?

Are you independent? Ask others what they think.

Communication is 93% non verbal when you’re almost completely deaf.

Humor: Don’t be afraid to see the funny side of things and take them seriously.

Moderation: Sometimes you have to go to extremes to practice moderation

Patience: I have no time for people who don’t practice patience.

Respect: If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t respect others. In that respect, practice self-respect.

Tolerance: Tolerance is not the same as understanding or agreement. It also protects you from stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Oedipus Complex: A sports center for male athletes who love their mothers.

Binary thinking is too simplistic. You can choose to accept that or not.

My worst mistakes in life have come from being nice. One of the worst things you can be is nice. Don’t be nice, be helpful. Don’t be nice, be inspirational. Don’t be nice, be empowering.

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