Redemption Coaching

We live in an unforgiving world.  You only need to be accused of  some questionable behavior and you are presumed guilty, the subject of hateful attacks and cast beyond the fringes of society. And, if you really have committed offenses, you are in for almost universal damnation. How do you cope when faced with such overwhelming humiliation, shame and even guilt?

You might be surprised given the imperfection of human beings, that this is not a subject that is talked, or even written about much.  However, having been in a position of condemnation, I can attest to the importance of support on your redemptive journey which will undoubtedly be the most significant voyage of your life.

Six years ago, after a brief affair with a  former client, my state license to practice psychology was revoked. My predicament was featured in local newspapers with all the sensitivity and objectivity of  an advertisement for Viagara.  You’ll be able to find some of the details and the process of recovery in my soon to be released book Falling to Grace: The art and science of redemption.

I discovered that redemption in many ways parallels the stages of grief, and why wouldn’t it? I eventually found the ways to put my guilt and shame in context, manage the anger and revenge fantasies, deal with haters and reclaim or rediscover my self-respect and dignity.

The redemptive journey is essential  if you aren’t going to be eternally poisoned by your transgressions and anger. In this position you will need help, support, cast in non-judgmental authenticity.

I am here for those who wish to not only escape the curse of their  poor decisions but can, with the appropriate coaching, turn their worst moments into their greatest blessing. After all, altruism and humility are two of the 20 behaviors that can move you from shame to shine.

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